quinta-feira, março 09, 2006

Grandes Aberturas # 13

A Tissue of Lies? Could there be a more persuasively apt title for a memoir? Particularly if the rememberer of his past is referring not so much to his own lies but to those of others, and, if I may immodestly boast, I have gone mano a mano with some of the truly great liars of our time. But then I was a novelist in an era when the line between fiction and fact pretty much broke down as, in coldest blood, the "novelist" felt free to make up things for actual people to do on the page. I have also been engaged in politics , theater, and movies, three worlds where no one is ever on oath - until indicted, of course - in wich case he who takes the fall gets to write the definitive tissue of lies, often more than once, like the incomparale R. M. Nixon."

Gore Vidal - Palimpsest