sexta-feira, abril 28, 2006

Poesia Persa

They ask me why I run away
From all that courtiers do and say;
Because I'm clever, I retort -
And only idiots live at court.

(Mohammad Abdah)


Why tease me? In the twinkling of an eye
Your beauty and my love will both be gone;
Don't set your price too high,
You'll see it plummet - and before too long.

(Rafi Marvazi)


Every disaster heaven sends
- Even the ones not made for me -
As soon as they arrive on earth
Ask, "Where's the house of Anvari?"



The nights I spend with you, love will not let me sleep.
The nights I spend alone, I lie awake and weep;
With you or without you God knows I stay awake-
But look what different forms a sleepless night can take!


Tradução de Dick Davies