quinta-feira, janeiro 04, 2007

Kenneth Koch

The Magic of Numbers--1

How strange it was to hear the furniture being moved around in the apartment upstairs!
I was twenty-six, and you were twenty-two.

The Magic of Numbers--2

You asked me if I wanted to run, but I said no and walked on.
I was nineteen and you were seven.

The Magic of Numbers--3

Yes, but does X really like us?
We were both twenty-seven.

The Magic of Numbers--4

You look like Jerry Lewis (1950).

The Magic of Numbers--5

Grandfather and grandmother want you to go over to their house for dinner.
They were sixty-nine, and I was two and a half.

The Magic of Numbers--6

One day when I was twenty-nine years old I met you and nothing happened.

The Magic of Numbers--7

No, of course it wasn't I who came to the library!
Brown eyes, flushed cheeks, brown hair. I was twenty-nine, and you were sixteen.

The Magic of Numbers--8

After we made love one night in Rockport I went outside and kissed the road
I felt so carried away. I was twenty-three, and you were nineteen.

The Magic of Numbers--9

I was twenty-nine, and so were you. We had a very passionate time.
Everything I read turned into a story about you and me, and everything I did was turned into a poem.